How to Lace Boots with Hooks Perfectly?

The last thing you are left to do at the door of your house is tying the knots of your shoes before a set off on your journey. The process of matching knots is so obvious and intuitive that it is as essential as breathing. We do not put much effort into it. Let us take a case scenario where you are going out on a hike, and you have hooked boots on. Will you lace them up correctly, in essence, are you good at lacing up boot with hooks?

Boots are often a blessing or a curse if they are laced up poorly or adequately in that respect. In that line, you have to fit in your leg in the boot and lace it appropriately to avoid getting sprains and blisters as a result of poor landing techniques.

How to Lace Boots

How to Lace Boots?

There are several ways that you can lace your hooked boots with the comfort of your feet coming in as a primary factor. Here are some ways to lace your boots:

Quick-Pull knot:

Some boots have a pull-cord lacing system where the lace is lined with rubber thus stretching under tension. This lace is simple as it’s already done for you. All you have to do is pull for the desired fit. The harder you pull, the tighter the laces get.

The heel lock/ lace lock:

It is simple yet very crucial when it comes to keeping your heels and feet intact in the boot. It also aids in the circulation of blood. The top hooks on either side of your boots are used to execute this lace up.How to Lace Boots

The steps are as follows:

  • Lace your boots anyhow you want (in this case, we can use the surgeon knot) up to the second last hooks ensuring your feet are comfortable.
  • Instead of using the basic cross pattern to tie the shoes, pull strings straight up through the two remnant catches.
  • Cross the laces.
  • Pull the laces to the lower hooks.
  • Tie them up for the perfect fit.

The low volume knot:

This technique is meant for you if you have small feet.

Procedural steps go as follows:

  • First, tighten the laces in a guitar strings design where they first lop out.
  • You then secure the top of the floor by tying a surgeon knot.
  • Lace the strings around the first hook in a head to down design.
  • Proceed to the next pair of hooks, looping the lines the same way.
  • At this point, tie a second surgeon’s knot.
  • This procedure repeating is done repeat all the way to the last hooks, and the lace up is completed with a criss-cross knot.

The surgeon’s knot:

The surgeon knot is in a way similar to the overhead knot, but this one is more secure.

Here is how it is tied:

  • Make a simple overhead knot,
  • loop one lace underneath the other,
  • repeat the procedure over the next pair of hooks and
  • remember to leave enough space between the subsequent knots to facilitate blood circulation.

There are many techniques for lacing up boot with hooks available these are just but a few examples. Wearing your boots won’t be a cause of pain as relief and health of your feet will be taken care of.

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