5 Tips to Save Power by Quitting Unnecessary Electronics

Power crisis is soon going to be a major global problem. And irony of the fact is that, this crisis is getting bad to worse. The requirement of power is growing by leaps and bounds. So, the need of the hour is that we start curtailing our power requirements and save power as much as we can. This way, we could save power for our future generations.save power

Tips to Save Power:

As consumer electronics are increasing day by day, our power requirements are growing faster than ever. But there is a good amount of electrical power which we can save easily. Here are some tips to help you in this regard. Please bear in mind that these are not the old school methods like Pankha Band Karo (Turn off the fan) and AC halka rakho (Keep AC’s cooling to low) to save power. Those old school methods still stand true. But the topic of this particular article is more focused towards the myriad of electronics surrounding us. So let us dig deeper into it.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Usage:

Perhaps the simplest way is to avoid the unnecessary usage of the devices altogether. Nowadays, you must have seen people busy with their phones and other gadgets. Research says that an average adult spends approximately three hours a day on smartphones. This is quite a high amount of time. And the numbers are rising ever since the social media is on a rise. This is not only injurious to the health, but also to our relations. And it increases the burden on power requirements.
So, the best possible solution. Avoid all those episodes of unnecessary gadgets usage. Turn them off. Keep your kids’ hands off the gadgets altogether. And have a good family time together. This will not only strengthen your relations, but will also be beneficial for your health and will aid to save power as well.

2. Watch Out for Silent Eaters:

A cell phone charger plugged in the socket, a TV not turned off properly, a microwave oven on idle mode. I call all of these as silent eaters. The reason being, they are not doing any useful work but still slowly and constantly eating up the power. Although, they consume lower power during idle mode. But this wastage is extremely useless. So, switch of all such appliances to not only save power, but to also save a few bucks from your electricity bill.

3. Redundancy is NOT Always Good:

I have observed that some people keep two cell phones, one for business purposes and the other for personal use. Similarly, some people own a tablet for infotainment and education, and have a smartphone for communication. Such redundancies have caused an undesirably huge web of electronic gadgets around us. This is negatively affecting the power requirements. Smartphones and similar gadgets were meant to reduce the use of multiple gadgets. And to provide you with the ease of having all your stuff at one place. So, use your gadgets smartly and save power responsibly.

4. Fix the Leaky Bucket:

Nowadays, most of the devices we use are battery operated. At the first place, it is highly recommended to keep the battery healthy by following good charging habits. But if your device’s battery has deteriorated, then consider getting it fixed. A battery which has lost its charge holding capacity also adds the burden on the  electrical power needs. You can save around 50% of power per charging cycle by just replacing the damaged battery.

5. Opt for Lower Power Alternative:

One more intelligent way to save power is to use lesser power-consuming electronics. For example, if your major PC usage is for web surfing and socializing, then it is better to do that on your smartphone. Other than that, opt for laptops rather than desktop machines as these machines are more power hungry. Similarly, LED monitors consume lesser power than the CRT or LCD screens.
Further, using WIFI rather than data services can also save power remarkably. And wherever possible, turn on the Flight or Airplane mode to save  power even more.

Ending Remarks:

In the world we are living in today, we are getting more and more reliant on electrical power. If we behave responsibly and play our role positively then we may save power before it gets too late. Remember that this power saving will not only reduce the burden on global power requirements, but will also save you a few bucks from your electricity bill. If you have some more smart ways to reduce power usage, then please share with us in the comments section.

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