Who is Ready to Take Over Virtual University and AIOU?

Internet has taken the world by storm as it had made things possible which people thought were impossible to achieve before its advent. One of these impossible things was making high quality education available to everyone whether they reside in the west or east. As a result, the trend of online education has today peaked so much that a large number of people around the globe are engaged in online degrees and courses. This trend is increasingly so swiftly that traditional institutes have now started considering virtual schools as a serious threat for them.

However, if one closely analyze the situation they will learn that over the period of time number of online schools have also increased a lot. Thus, there is competition among them too because technology and internet has enabled people to compare and find the best institutions for them or their children. Majority of people therefore opt for online schools that are offering high quality education at competitive rates. For instance, in Pakistan Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) was the first institute that had offered distance learning to the people in the country. Later, when Virtual University was established in 2002, it lured more students than AIOU.Distance-Education1

The reason behind it was that Virtual University offered better quality education by leveraging technology and setting up learning hubs all over Pakistan. This blended model was warmly greeted by the people, as pre-recorded video lectures enabled them to study anytime and from anywhere. On the other hand, learning hubs were used to carry out thorough discussions among students and their peers on a subject or different lessons. However, now it seems that its Virtual University’s turn to lose the charge, as a new educational and technology platform called ninthd has stepped in the education sector of Pakistan.

The aim of this private concern is to offer international certifications in the country in both English and Urdu languages for the very first time. So the youth of Pakistan can gain international level of education without crossing the borders and breaking the language barriers. Though, ninthd is also looking to use technology and building satellite campuses in various cities of Pakistan like Virtual University, but the unbeatable price (Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 25,000) of its certifications gives it a clear edge.

On top of it, ninthd is launching its online courses in association with some top international school like iCarnegie Global Learning (powered by Carnegie Mellon University) and UK College of Entrepreneurship and Technology. The idea behind forming these partnerships is to develop economic viable skills (EVS) of the youth, so they can lure both local and international employers with their skills and knowledge.

Also, ninthd has placed a rigorous assessment process to check the outcomes of learning, so it can iCarnegie’s or UKCET’s certifications to deserving trainees only. Moreover, ninthd has announced that top performers of a batch will not only get jobs, but cash prize too. Considering these facts, one can say that ninthd is likely to hurt Virtual University and AIOU. For the reason that it will be the first time in Pakistan that a platform is providing international knowledge and experience to people at unbelievable price.

About Khurram Shahzad

Name is Khurram Shahzad and I work for ninthd.com as Digital Marketing Executive. ninthd (9th D) in Pakistan is providing economical viable skills (EVS) programmes in association with reputable international universities like iCarnegie Global Learning and UKCET. That can prove quite valuable for employees, businessmen, entrepreneurs, fresh graduates and even employers, as they offer international experience and knowledge

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