Should You Buy Bookshelf or Floor-standing Speakers?

We all use floor speakers or Bookshelf Speakers in our daily lives for better sound quality as well as enjoy the music we love. But many times we have issues choosing the right speakers for ourselves especially when we have specific needs and requirements. That is why while there are many options available in the market, the typical choices are a bookshelf and floor standing speakers which are also known as the desktop and tower speakers.floor speakers

There are many advantages of choosing one over other but all depend on the space of your room, spend preferences as well as budget. That is why you can select the right one for your specific scenario. Therefore keep few things in mind and buy the one which fulfills your requirements.

Space of your room:

It is essential to know the area of the place where you need the speakers for because not only it will affect the sound quality but matters a lot for volume as well. Whether you select the bookshelf or floor speakers, you must also know the dimension of your room as well as the place of installation.

While the floor speakers take a lot of space to stand the bookshelf ones can place on any counter as well as can be installed on the shelves of the wall. The tower speakers are designed to fill the frequencies of ample space while the bookshelf one is for smaller spaces ad room. That is why if you have a small place than bookshelf speakers will work best for you. It consumes less space, and you can enjoy the music in near-field or close to you while listening. On the other hand, if you have a bigger room, the tower ones are best for choice. It will give you full bass, better results of volume as well as don’t require any subwoofer. Therefore keep in mind the space these speakers consume such as:

  • Bookshelf speakers are easily stand mounted, and you don’t have a counter or furniture.
  • If you require the speakers to stand then, you can also opt for tower speakers as they don’t need any furniture and can be more space friendly in that case.
  • In case you are planning to get the subwoofer with your speakers, also make an extra space with your desktop or floor speakers as well as best place to install all of it.


Before buying you also have to consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on your speakers as it can cost you anywhere as low as $50 to more than $100,000. Well if you are on a tight budget, you can always choose cheaper options which are available on desktop speakers rather than buying the more expensive floor speakers. The starting price of the floor standing speakers is $500 per piece while you can buy the cheaper bookshelf speakers which you can purchase a mini for $150 and around $250 for the full range.


It is also essential to check and determine the sound quality before buying the right speakers for yourself. You can also verify the refinement and accuracy of the speakers which will give you an immersive experience. There are also many traits of a right speaker which you must consider such as its ability to produce better outputs, room energizing sound, create dramatic effects, as well as more believable sonic results. That is why before making any decisions you must check the above qualities and functions of the speakers which will give you better and functional effects.

Before buying and knowing which speakers are better bookshelf or floor, you must also check these following factors:

1.    Volume:

The volume is also known as the output of your speakers, or how loud they can produce the sound. When we talk about the sensitivity of the speakers, it means the efficiency of converting the watts or power, from the amplifier into the volume.  When your speakers are more sensitive, they will consume less power to amplify the sound.

The floor speakers are better sensitive that is why they produce much more volume than the desktop speakers. Therefore if you are looking to blow the room than tower speakers are your best bet.

2.    Sound quality and bass:

When it comes to these two features, the speaker addicts and expert have a hard debate. Some swear on the floor speaker’s sound quality while some favor the bookshelf speakers. But it all depends on your personal preferences when it comes to the sound and need of a subwoofer.

Since the tower speakers have more woofer drivers, you can make more bass, in case you need more in-depth and robust bass than you might not need any subwoofer as well. In both cases, the floor speakers are best as they are more prominent which allows more air to move from the drivers. But also keep in mind that there are many bookshelf speakers which also don’t require the subwoofer that is why when it comes to the low-frequency punch these speakers are your best bet. Therefore before buying any of these you have to know your requirement as well since the bookshelf speaker can also produce the same amount of volume and sound quality, you just need to pick the right brand, model, and accessories. With correct settings, you are good to go.


Well while making final decisions you have to look at all the factors such as the size of your room, budget, sound quality as well as sensitivity. It will not only help you get the best speakers but also allow to understand the value for money you are looking.

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