6 Books Every Aspiring and Established Entrepreneur Must Read

For any person who is focused on gaining success or keep moving ahead in their life, accumulating new ideas and knowledge is a must. The same goes for the entrepreneurs. They need active reading all the time, to keep them up to date and gain skills and knowledge about all what is happening around them. When it comes to grab knowledge, nothing can be replaced by books. Even the best podcasts and the most detailed videos on you tube cannot replace the knowledge that comes in a book, So you should check must read book here.must read books

Must Read Books

Every entrepreneur needs an active reading list. After all, books are one of the most valuable knowledge resources. Even the best podcasts and YouTube videos cannot replace the in-depth lessons found in a good book. From the best business practices to self-development, here are the must read books for the entrepreneur.

All In. (Bill Green)

Not much of the entrepreneurs can say that they founded their empire in a louse market. With over 40 years of experience, Bill Green presents about 101 key insights that helped him build one of the largest industrial distribution setup in the world. For the most inspired entrepreneurs, the book is an insight to all what it takes a person to move from a startup founder to becoming CEO of a large enterprise.

Reading a book will make you realize that the most successful of the businessmen in the world, once started with being a paper boy. And in such cases, Bill Green is not an exception. The books show the outcome of 100% commitment to any venture with persistence and dedication to become successful.

Tool of Titans (Tim Ferriss)

Compiling years of experience and writing notes of it that finally become a handbook of excellence is something not many people can do.  The aim of writing this book was to let people know how success comes day by day.

From simple morning routines to financial advice, about taking care of your body and moving beyond it the Tool and Titans of Ferriss had left no stone unturned. According to the writer the book comprises of a periodic and erratic experience and is not something that is meant to be read cover-by-cover.

Disrupted (Day Lyons)

What do you think a modern writer will do when his job no longer sits into the modern working setups?

He was than working on a startup known as HubSpot, moves the waves to a summit and then write a book about being ditched of a tech bubble.  Lyon is also writing for the popular HBO show that is known to us as Silicon Valley, that is nailing the startup cultures, right in their head.

If you want to look how the things look from within, you must read this book.

Idea of Execution (Nick Sonnenbarg and Ari Meisel)

Virtual assistance is nothing a new concept now and will prevail more into our corporate settings in coming future. With each passing day they are becoming involved in business building and can be seen active where the finance is tight.

Sonnenberg and Meisel founded their VA business from scratch. Their process was to automate, outsource and optimize. The ideas were based on creating a lucrative virtual assistant company.

The Unshakeable (Tony Robbins)

If you are looking for a true and insightful financial advice you need not to look further, know from the guru himself. Tony Robbin is unshakeable by all accounts and presents the best of the best. The book has pulled knowledge from the top financial minds of the world and created a playbook for financial liberty.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who are striving to know more about the financial aspect of life, or if you are a seasonal veteran who is wishing to continue sharpening their skills, this book is must to read.

The Third Wave (Steve Case)

Half a memoir and half a vision to the future, the book presents the story of a person from the moment he became a co-founder of a well appreciated “AOL-America Online,” back in 1985. The book tells us the story of the massive merger of AOL and Time Warner and the way it took over the next generation of the internet.

It also spoke about the companies like Facebook and Google, that changed the internet and presented the social face of the internet, as it is today.

Not the stories of entrepreneurs and the story of how the biggest of all business were founded in a small building, and how their journey was. From the ocean of surprising stories and unending lessons for life, we have enlisted these few as a must to be read.

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