5 Ideas to spend quality time with your kid

Learn several simple ways how you can spend some precious and unforgettable moments with your kids, So here are 5 Ideas to spend quality time with your kid.
spend quality time with your kid

How to spend quality time with your kid

  1. Play together

Absolutely all children love to play. So it’s a good idea to do it together. What would you say for some classic outdoor games like “hide & seek” for example? It’s a perfect opportunity to strengthen your parent-child relationship. Another benefit is that you will help your child developing many useful abilities like coordination, motor skills, creativity, patience and more.

You can also play computer games together but there are many better ideas. You can dress up like pirates or play on the floor and pretend that you’re trucks. Just make sure that your child is interested and have fun. Of course, also play a game which is age appropriate.

  1. Read a book

Reading to your child is truly an idea worthy of praise. But only if you do it right. Young children very like some interaction during the reading so make faces and characterizations. If your child is sufficiently interested, then it will become one of his favorite activities. You will see that he will look forward to it every day!

But you can make reading even more attractive. Include some appetizing food or drink like diet coke and full-grain cookies.

  1. Build a castle

You probably still remember many scenes from your own childhood. Building your own castle at home is surely one of the better memories. So make sure that your child will have such beautiful memories himself. Just find anything that can be useful to build a castle at home, for example chairs, blanket, pillows, table, quilt etc.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant and expensive. That’s not a point here. You can easily have a lot of fun together with very simple household items. Such a time spent with your child will surely be unforgettable!

  1. Coloring books

Coloring pages are still alive and great for strengthening your bond with your child away from computers. This activity is very simple, cheap and highly accessible. It also can provide numerous benefits to your child’s mental and manual development. Spending time with printable coloring books improves your kid’s handwriting quality, stimulates creativity and self-control. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This popular activity can improve your child’s ability to focus on details, hand-eye coordination and develop artistic talents. Printable coloring pages are generally a fun and exciting for children but many adults love it too, so you shouldn’t be bored too soon. Just find pictures which will be attractive to you and your child. Most of the children enjoy coloring pages with dinosaurs, animals, birds cartoon characters etc. You may like mandalas on the other hand.

You will easily find many free coloring books on the internet and print or download them.

  1. Cooking

You probably already noticed that most of the children just adore helping in the kitchen. Let’s be honest – they usually not a very handful but their satisfaction level is enormous. It’s hard to imagine many other such rewarding activities for parent-child relation. Start with very simple recipes. For example, do scrambled eggs together and let your child add some salt and mix eggs in a pan. And if you really want to steal his heart then buy him also a cookbook for children and some nice apron. You cook together daily or weekly. Just do it regularly.

These are just five simple ways to spend time with your child. You have to remember that time goes by very quickly. Don’t waste your chance to be a great parent because once it’s gone it’s gone. And being a parent is one of the most precious gifts we receive in life. Good luck.

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