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Smart Sensors Let Drivers Know When Tire Treads Are Wearing Thin

Smart Sensors

As we know, tire threads provide the traction needed to keep our vehicles stable on the ground. Unfortunately, these threads wear out over time and require prompt replacement to avoid accidents. During inclement weather like ice, snow, mud or rain, driving a vehicle with worn out tires can be extremely dangerous. Thin threads are associated with slow blowouts, decreased air ... Read More »

5 Best things to do in Dubai

best things to do in Dubai

Dubai belongs to the list of the new generation cities. To grasp the world’s entirely new side, a visit to Dubai is a must. There are many things to do and admire in here, counting from numerous skyscrapers, shopping malls to adrenalin experiences. Hence, before your visit, uncover the best things to do in Dubai and seize the most out ... Read More »

Urban Ladder: A Huge Collection Of The Varied Furniture

Urban Ladder: A Huge Collection Of The Varied Furniture

If you are looking forward to the best furniture for your home decor; Urban Ladder is the best place you can go along with. What else can better than having perfect furniture for your home decor which compliments best with your interior? We include a large range of furniture for all of your home needs including sofas, Beds, Dining, TV ... Read More »

Gambling: How Asia’s gambling tech is making millions


In this era of digital technology, you don’t have to wait and plan Las Vegas trips for gambling, neither to the Atlantic City. Instead try Macau, which is an Asian gaming business making millions of dollars each year. Since the betting is merging with technology you can play, win and lose from your home while connected to the digital Gambling ... Read More »

Google Officially Killed The Ara Modular Smartphone Project

Google’s Ara Modular Project Shuts Down A couple of years ago Google came up with this great idea of a modifiable cellphone. The goal of this program was to come up with a cellphone that would be practical for long-term use. Such that you don’t have to switch your cell phone because it lacks ram. It was supposed to have block-like ... Read More »

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