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Smartphones of the Future – Latest Mobile Phone Technology

smartphone of the future

The smartphones have come a long way from where it all started. Look back to the history of cell phones and it all started with big heavy phones. Then came the era of smartphones. iPhone came out with the first touchscreen multipurpose cellphone which started the chain of smartphones. Since then smartphones have come a long way considering everything from software to ... Read More »

How to boost and secure home wifi

boost and secure home wifi

A wireless network lets you get online from your tablet or laptop anywhere in home without connect with the help of cables. But sometimes, your WiFi signals were weak and you have to struggle to pick it up certain room. In this post, you will learn that how to boost and secure home WiFi, So You can know How to boost ... Read More »

How does a 3D Technology Work?

3d technology work

How does a 3D technology work? To understand how 3d technology work, we must at first learn what is a 3D technology. It is basically a 3-dimensional concept where the human eyes can perceive depth along with length and height (the common concept of 2-dimensional technology). But the human eye needs special kind of 3D glasses to see the 3D effects ... Read More »

4 Mantras the Online Shopping Pros in Pakistan Live By

4 Mantras for Online Shopping Pros in Pakistan

Shopping via online portals is something still very new in Pakistan. One of the more familiar names in this industry is online marketplace giant,, has garnered nationwide attention by achieving the country’s very first one billion rupees in sales during their Black Friday sale back in 2016. This proves that shopping online works here, although unfortunately it is growing ... Read More »

7 Tips to buy the Best Portable Power Bank in India

best power bank 2017 in India and Pakistan

It is no doubt that, We all want the best. Be it products, smartphones,  gadgets or any other thing. When it comes to power banks, they are becoming more and more important as the time is passing. You should choose the Best Portable Power Bank to buy. Wondering why, Let me explain… Best Portable Power Bank As the smartphones are enhancing, the ... Read More »

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