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Which is better? PlayStation 4 vs Xbox one

Sony PlayStation 4 sells 40 million, but Microsoft has backward compatibility. My incredibly in-depth Xbox One vs PS4 comparison is more meaningful than ever with the battle continuing to rage intensely in 2016. My guide considers Microsoft’s backward compatibility news and previous price drops, and how it all contrasts with Sony’s powerful specs, exclusive games and graphics power, So you should know ... Read More »

Get Windows 10 Free Upgrade – MS Official Upgrade

Microsoft is now poised to roll out its Windows 10 Anniversary Updates on Last Tuesday. Windows 10 free upgrade includes two security innovations for individual customers: Windows Hello for apps and websites; and Windows Defender. Windows 10 Free Upgrade Enterprises will get Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which detects, investigates and responds to advanced malicious attacks on networks; and Windows Information ... Read More »

System and User Defined Databases SQL Server 2012

A database is a collection of data stored in data files on a disk or some removable medium. A database consists of data files to hold actual data. An SQL Server database is made up of a collection of tables that stores sets of specific structured data. A table includes a set of rows (also called as records or tuples) ... Read More »

Recommended System Requirements to Downgrade Windows 10 to 7

downgrade to windows 7

How much RAM (Random Access Memory) I really need? This question is always produces by studio workers and by gamer specially. If you are planning to purchase more RAM for your Laptop or PC or for other machines. And considering more RAM will give more power to your machine, shoot that thinks out from your mind. Because after added more ... Read More »

Support End Dates for Microsoft Products and Service Pack

Microsoft Product & Services Support Ending Dates

Microsoft is an American technology company, Which major products are computer software like; Client & Server based Windows Operating Systems, Office Suits, Skype, Visual Studio, Azure, Services such as;  MSN, Bing, Outlook mail, Technet, Internet Explorer & hardware like; Xbox, Windows Based Mobile etc. It’s headquarter is situated in Redmond, Washington, USA. No doubt, Microsoft is worldwide biggest software maker ... Read More »

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