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How Smartphone light affect your body and brain

Jese k aaj ki era ma ham dekhte hyn k electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop PC ka use kaafi barh chukaa. Aaaj k era ma kuch log business dealings bhi whatsapp k through kar rhe hote hyn issay zaahir hota hy k ab yh waqt k saath saath zaroorat bhi banti jarhi hyn devices khaas tor par ... Read More »

Top 5 Cool Technology Hacks

technology hacks

Every single person in this world knows that technology improves every single phase of life. But do you know that there are tons of technology hacks available which helps you to get maximum benefit from the current technology? There are so many website and videos available online teaching you how to use technology hacks to improve your life. Since your ... Read More »

Why Android Smartphones still better than iPhone

android smartphone

In the world of Android Smartphones and operating systems, Android is now nearly ten years old. It has been a good time for android since it release with a total of 84.7% market share. Now its market share is 44.07% till May 2018 which is also above them all the Operating Systems market share present in market. The iphone was ... Read More »

What is the use of Google Analytics in SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Apparently, these are only three words, but they hang over our heads daily. They are the words that puzzle and confuse us, and for many marketers as well as business owners, launching and optimizing SEO is one of the last things they ought to decide to take care of. Unless you have a very money-spinning ... Read More »

10 reasons why you should buy Mac instead of Windows PC

10 reasons why you should buy Mac instead of Windows PC

Jesa k aap sab k ilm ma hoga Pakistani computer markets majority Windows desktop pc or laptop se bhari pari hy jsma kuch shops jo k paas hi Apple k laptops hote hyn. Aap ma se bohat se jinko computers k baare ma knowledge hoti hy to woh budget k lihaaz se choice rkhte hyn k unko Mac lena hy ... Read More »

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