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How to Save your Child from Online Luring

Save your Child from Online Luring

Assalam U Alaikum Dosto! Jese jese time guzarta jarha hy technology ma improvement aati jarahi hy chaahe wo mobile phones ho cars hon ya koi bhi daily use ki machinery. Isi tarha aaj se ager ham 5 ya 6 years back chale jaaen to smartphone logay k paas na honay k baraber tha or jinke paas thay bhi to who ... Read More »

What is Torrent and How It Works? Is It Legal Or Illegal?

what is torrent

Dosto ap me se bohat sare logo ko torrent ke bare me pata hoga aur yehi waja ha ke ap is article ko parh rhe hain, Lekin kia apne kabhi socha ke torrent kis tarah kam krta ha agar ap ko nh pata ke torrent kis tarah kam karta ha to is article ko akhir tak read karen q ke ... Read More »

5 Tips to Keep off Your Kids from Gadgets


Information and technology have revolutionized the whole world. It has turned the world into a global village. But alongside the ease and comfort that come with such advancements, there are also a lot of problems associated with them. The overuse of these gadgets and electronic devices are deteriorating our relationships, health and happiness. All in all, this is making us ... Read More »

Let Us Reduce Plastic Waste This Year

Plastic waste

Plastic waste is a huge burden on our ecosystem. And it is increasing with the passage of time. It is estimated that ever since the plastic use has become widespread, out of the trillions of tons of plastic that have been produced, we have recycled only 10% of them. The remaining 90% end up in oceans, seas and landfills, So Let ... Read More »

How Selling Online Fruits and Vegetables in Lahore is a Lucrative Business?

Online fruits and vegetables in lahore

Online fruits and vegetables in Lahore can be a great business because it allows the conventional business owners to explore the online avenue. What can happen? They can either be lucky or completely fail at it. The chances of the latter are bleak because online stores for fruits and vegetables are not difficult to run. They only have to be ... Read More »

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