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PTA Announced 13 Million 3G & 4G Users in Pakistan

3G 4G companies compitition in Pakistan

PTA has just announced that’ During April, 2015, Almost 13 million people are using 3G & 4G Technology at their cell phone, tablets and desktop devices, Which is rapidly increment than the past months in Pakistan. 3G or 4G k launch hoty hi har mobile company ki koshish thi k wo apny user ko sub se pehly 3G internet service ... Read More »

Enjoy Telenor 3 Months Free 3G Usb Devices with 30GB Data

telenor introduced new 3G WIFI wingle

Telenor has launched its USB 3G internet device with 30 GB data limit per month. You can use it free of cost as a free trail for initial two months. Basically, Telenor ne two devices introduce karwae han, Jis me first Dongle or second WiFi Wingle hai, Jis k through 10 user at a same time connect ho sakty han, Jin ... Read More »

Facebook Launched Free Limited Internet For All at

free browsing on telenor sim

After launching in many other countries like; India, Ghana, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania & Indonesia, Recently, Facebook & Telenor has been launched in Pakistan, Which through everyone can browse free internet via Telenor prepaid or postpaid platform. It’s a great news k ab internet user telenor sim k through 17 websites free of cost visit kar sakty hain, Jab k ... Read More »

3G & 4G Technology in Pakistan in Urdu

3G in urdu

3G (3rd Generation) Technology mobile ki latest telecommunication technology hai, Jo esi services ko support karti hai Jis k through information minimum 200kb/s transfer rate se provide ki ja sakti han. 1G (Network Analog) ko 1982 me introduce kiya gya tha, And after this every ten years later, A new generation of Technology has appeared. 3G Technology was introduced by ... Read More »

Liberty Reserve banned

Recently I was  joined the world payment processor which known as “Liberty Reserve“. Some times ago it was called that Liberty Reserve is a secure payment processor of the world that’s why its buying & selling price is maximum than others but now the most secure payment processor is banned. 6 men, jin me liberty reserve ka founder arthur budovsky ... Read More »

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