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Have you ever had a chance to scan your documents? If yes, then you must be aware of the problems that come along with the conventional scanner. Most of us have been using such scanner for most part of our life. But there are a number of problems which are a part and parcel of owning a scanner. The most troublesome of them are as discussed below.CamScanner

Problems Associated with Conventional Scanner:

The first problem which comes in the way is the size of paper the scanner supports. A vast majority of the scanners only support A4 sized papers. If you need to scan a longer page, then you have two options. Either you have to get it done from the photocopier shop. Else you can do it in pieces then stitch it together. The latter approach does not yield a realistic output as well. This mostly causes you multiple iterations of scan and edit. And even after that, you may end with sub-optimal output.

The next thing is the cost. Owning a scanner means that you have put some of your hard earned money into buying an accessory which you do not use frequently. Furthermore, you cannot take your scanners with you as they are not portable. This means, that if you wish to scan you mark sheet from your college, then you have no choice left other than to go to a photocopier and get it done by them. Finally, you need to have a space allocated in your computer table for these machines.

The Solution:

But now with the advent of smartphones and high resolution camera, scanning documents have become much more easier than ever before. Nowadays there are a plethora of smart phone applications available on the play store. You can download them for free to scan your documents. That too of any size and shape. These apps not only circumvent the problems associated with the flatbed/paper-feed scanners, rather they also bring it on your finger tips to scan and share your documents online.

CamScanner – the Smart Scanner App:

One of such apps is CamScanner. I have been using this app for quite sometime now and I want to share it with our readers as well. It is an extremely powerful tool for scanning your documents. The good thing is that the app has a free version available. This free version can do most of your tasks. But if you need some advance features, then you can always switch to the paid version. Here is how you can use the app.

When you wish to scan a page, just take a picture of that page from the app. You can take the picture from any angle or orientation. Then you can select your region of interest (ROI). The app will automatically and intelligently crop and auto align the picture. The plus is that it will maintain the aspect ratio of the image. This auto align feature is pretty handy. It reduces the pain of manually aligning the document for taking the pictures.

One more feature of the app is that it will enhance the image for better readability and printing. It also has numerous color modes which you can choose depending upon your requirement by tapping through them and taking a preview of each mode. Finally, you can save it when you are satisfied with the edits. Then you can proceed to the next page, repeating the same steps.

All the pictures that you take in one go are saved in one single folder. This gives the added advantage that you can share and store the whole folder as zipped archive or separate JPEG files as well. You can also convert your files into PDF format by just tapping an in-app option. This will add all the scanned images into one single file. In free version, the app places it’s name in the footer of the document which should not be a big problem.

The biggest catch of the App:

Here is the most important catch. The app also features OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It means that the app reads your scanned document and provides you with the digital output in form of text file. Albeit, not much accurate, but this feature is extremely good. And it can save you a lot of effort of re-typing the content of your scanned copy.


All in all, the app is a fine replacement of the conventional flatbed scanners with the added advantage of portability and ease of use. So, if you are planning to buy a scanner next time, think about it again and give this app a try. May be you should be able to save you a handsome amount of time and money.

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