Bye, Bye Windows: Change to Linux Made Easy

Do not feel like Windows anymore? Then work with Ubuntu! The new c’t special “Switch to Linux”, which is available today at the kiosk, shows how to switch easily from one system to the other without a hitch.

Hand on the heart: Have not you ever played with the idea to try Linux at least? Away from the whole virus, the now even in the operating system installed advertising in Windows 10 or the feeling, only to the will of a single company to be shipped?Good bye windows and change to linux made easy

Then just go to Ubuntu! How to do this, what are the advantages and how you can try without any risk before the final transition, the new system, shows our 2016 er edition of c’t Specials “switch to Linux”, which is since today at the kiosk or in our heise Shop is orderable (free of shipping costs until 26.06.2016). It costs 6.90 Euro and comes with bootable Ubuntu 16.04 LTS-DVD, with which you can test the new system only once – without jeopardizing your old system, installing or overwriting anything. Insert single-book DVD into the drive, restart the computer and boot into the live system. Finished.

The c’t special “switch to Linux” comes with bootable DVD, with which one can start or try Ubuntu directly, without the installed system is changed.

But what if you liked Ubuntu and you really want to do the next step? Then the articles in the booklet show you what preparations you should take and how to install the system on the hard disk. Further contributions provide the desktop as well as available applications and give hints how to replace previously used programs – or use them under Linux. And when you set up the hardware, we do not leave you alone. Last not least: If you believe only in Windows you can play games, we teach a better and show, which current games are running now under Linux.

Curious? The new edition 2016 of the c’t Specials is now available at every well-stocked kiosk, but is also available in our shop or as a digital version via Amazon . When purchasing via Amazon , the booklet can then be read in the Kindle app, Kindle Fire, Kindle for Mac / PC. There is also an e-book version in the heise shop, which costs 5.99 .

From the content:

  • Gentle migration: What preparations should you take
  • Try Ubuntu – without danger for Windows
  • Install Ubuntu on the hard drive
  • Getting Started in Ubuntu
  • Change the desktop
  • install a software
  • Data and settings from Windows
  • Take Windows programs with you
  • Linux applications from AZ
  • Colorful game world for Linux
  • Hardware
  • Parallel installed Ubuntu get rid of

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