The art of choosing the best web hosting in Pakistan

Web hosting have become an inevitable part of online business, for they provide every single element you need in order to have a successful website from the technical point of view. Because of a vast amount of hosting, people have come up with certain criteria that assist in figuring out which web hosting is worth your entire attention. If choosing a hosting is an art, web hosting clients should be real artists of Renaissance, So you should know about Choosing the best web hosting.choosing the best web hosting

Choosing the Best Web Hosting:

First and foremost, you need to tell apart the main web hosting kinds that exist, for they differ radically from each other in terms of servers, bandwidths, email sizes etc. Thus, shared hosting divide their space between several customers, that’s why the data are never completely secured; dedicated hosting cost much more, though are controlled by only one customer; cloud hosting enable you to keep lots of information in one place; WP hosting are considered to be the most popular ones because of their availability.

Main criteria for choosing a web hosting

Servers OS

Most of web hosting support a Linux platform, that’s why it’s not an issue. However, they do divide into those that operate on either Windows or Unix. from this point of view, you should consider which option suits you more. For instance, one of the most popular hosting, InMotion with its widely recognized logo, which also works with c Panel to facilitate its usage, exploits Linux and Unix, while Host Gator prefers Windows to Unix.

Data Backups

This element doesn’t seem to be important enough until you face the time when your data face the danger of being erased. Which is why the option of data backups is of the highest importance, even though you think you might not need it in the future. As they say, caution is the parent of safety.

Disk space and bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth doesn’t mean you’ll have an unlimited space for keeping your data. It only means that the space you get initially will grow with time passing by but still it is limited. The same refers to your disk space. In addition to that, you should calculate how much space you need in order to choose a reasonable option and not to overpay for features you will hardly ever need.

Websites number

Some web hosting provide a special service by giving you an access to creating more than one website. However, there are no guarantees you will need those additional websites in the future. That’s why look for this option only in case you’re planning to boost your business.

E-mail size

Mostly the e-mail size is unlimited. Still, there are web hosting that limit your e-mail size to, let’s say, 1 GB per mailbox. Nevertheless, if you take into account that this space is really hard to fill and you need to try hard in order to do this, you’ll understand there is no need for you to overpay for unlimited mailboxes if you’re not planning to take advantage from them.


Some web hosting make you pay more because they have a support service you may use any time you want. Here comes the question if you actually need this full-time support. Obviously, the answer would be “no”: it’s practically impossible you’ll be calling them 24 hours per day but they will still charge you for this option.


This question concerns people the most, for the price range in web hosting varies radically. Firstly, there are web hosting totally free of charge. However, the milestone with these companies is that they don’t secure your data and give you no guarantee the website will get a professional and profitable service. Next, there are web hosting you need to pay for. The price differs mostly because of the package of services they offer, which is why you need to asses if those services are so vital for your business and it won’t be able to do without them. This is the only possible solution if you want to find a reasonable and justified price.

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