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As we know that on digital landscape Pakistan is a budding industry. There have been only a few renowned Pakistani Content Creators (Bloggers, Vloggers, YouTubers etc.) as compared to other countries of the world. But due to the widespread of internet services and 3g/4g networks, this sector is rapidly growing. Though, several seasoned Pakistani Content Creators have been working for quite some time now, and earning handsome paychecks, but now a lot more people are chipping in this particular field. On the flip side, still a lot of people are unaware of the power of this digital market. This article aims to bring some awareness among the readers, so that they too can contribute to our online community. Or at the very least, support the work of our very own Pakistani Content Creators.Pakistani Content Creators

How Pakistani Content Creators Earn?

The first question which comes to our minds is that how do our Pakistani Content Creators, online publishers, bloggers and YouTubers etc. earn? More generally, this question pertains to all the online publishers’ fraternity. Well, in most cases, they earn by selling their ad space. In other words, these online publishers put an ad of certain products on their website, blog or video and when anyone clicks or views the ad, they get some revenue. The ads are generally given by online ad agencies, out of them, Google AdSense is the most popular. Website owners or Webmasters register their websites with Google and Google puts the ads on their websites depending upon their niche and audience preferences.

Other than that, affiliate marketing and sponsorship are also some methods for earning handsome amounts while being an Online Publisher. For example, you are running a blog related to mobile phones, then some mobile phone companies may sponsor you to cover their products.

How Can We Support Pakistani Content Creators?

So you have got the idea about how our Pakistani Content Creators earn. Now, let us take a step forward and see how we can contribute in this sector. Well, there are two ways to contribute to this market:

1. Passive method:

The first and the easiest method to contribute to this budding industry is, as I call it, Passive one. As you understand that whenever you visit a website and come across an online ad, you are helping them generate some revenue. Now, just imagine for a moment that how much content you visit online every day? You can find a plethora of quality content coming from Pakistani Content Creators for many of your web surfing requirements. Be it poetry, literature, technology, entertainment, learning, recipes and a lot of other things. Why this method is named as passive because you are not earning yourself. But the idea of contributing to the digital Pakistan is in itself quite satisfying.

One thing to mention here is the use of adblockers. These piece of software block the ads from the websites you visit. If you can easily manage then disable them for your favorite Pakistani websites. But if you are not Okay with ads at all, then there’s nothing to worry as well. You still can contribute to the website’s traffic and popularity, which in turn, would bring in more revenues for them.

2. Active Method:

The other method, which as its name suggests, is the one in which you actively be a part of Pakistani Content Creators army. In this method, you can start a blog of your own or may become a YouTuber, or you can even write for some website. But in any way, you are contributing to this market. The real catch is that, in this way, you too are going to reap the benefits as well. Though this method makes you earn some extra bucks, but it requires patience, persistence and perseverance as well. This is the reason that everyone is not embarking upon this method.

Benefits of Supporting Pakistani Content Creators:

The next important thing is, what are the benefits of supporting the Pakistani Content Creators? Will our efforts get anything to us or to our country? Well, the answer is Yes. If we think collectively as a nation, then there are quite a few benefits. First and the most important one is that, we will be able to get a better brand recognition of our online content. Currently, it is unfortunate to note that ad rate for Pakistan is quite low. If more and more people will come read and watch the work of Pakistani Content Creators, this will improve our viewership. And in turn, our contents will get better ad rate.

Consequently, if more and more people start embarking upon Content Creation, then it has a potential to create employment opportunities. This will help eradicating one of the most important social evil i.e. unemployment from the country. One more amazing benefit is that, as all the ad agencies are international, so the online publishers earn in dollars. Thus, it will help in bringing foreign reserves to our country.

Ending Remarks:

If we all play our part in contributing to Digital Pakistan and support our Pakistani Content Creators in whatever capacity we can, then no doubt we will soon develop a better reputation in the whole world. And this will create a lot of opportunities for the youngsters who are willing to embark upon this particular field. So, spread the word for the betterment of our Online Community.

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