7 Most Exciting SEO Mysteries Solved

If you are a new web entrepreneur, you are likely to face seven mysteries of SEO as listed below. We are here to provide you some pieces of useful advice and guidelines so that you do not become confused and become able to sustain a quality website with better SEO Mysteries results.SEO Mysteries solved

SEO Mysteries:

(1) Why did incoming web-traffic to my website stop all of a sudden?

As an entrepreneur, it is very normal to check the incoming web-traffic to your website every now and then. And if you find it has been dropped by a substantial percentage then it would automatically become a cause of your headache, thinking what could be the reason for going wrong. You should not worry about it.

If the decline of incoming web-traffic is less than or equal to 10% then it is very usual, and there is nothing to worry about it. Google index refreshes such alterations.

But if you find that it has come down to almost zero, then there might be some serious problem. You can visit Google Search Console and put your web link to check whether your site has received any manual Google penalty or not. If the drop is between zero and ten, then scrutinize whether any spam inbound link has affected your website or not.

(2) Why is not my website getting displayed in Google search results?

This issue might bring you instant anxiety just after creating your website. Do not worry. It usually takes few days (between 4 days and 28 days) by Google to index a new website properly. Unless a new site gets indexed by Google, it does not get displayed in Google search results.

If you are a very competitive web entrepreneur and want to speed up the process of your site’s indexing, you can generate an XML sitemap and submit it through Google search console by clicking on ‘Crawl’ and choosing ‘Add/Test Sitemap’.

It is always a good habit to add an XML sitemap since it conveys information about the URLs that make up a site. If after adding sitemap also your problem is persisting, please check robots.txt file of your website to confirm whether you have mistakenly blocked the search bots to view your site or not.

(3) What exactly happened to my site’s hyperlink?

If this question popped up in your mind, you need not worry. This situation normally happens when you placed a hyperlink that is supposed to get redirected to your website, but it disappears instead since the original site that hosted the hyperlink has removed it now.

The original site always has the right to judge whether the hyperlink placed over there is actually relevant or not. If not, they can always remove it. You need to cross-check with the hyperlink publisher if they have actually removed it from original site or not. If yes, you need to make fresh attempt to place the replacement hyperlink somewhere else.

(4) Why do my site’s page-ranking keeps on altering?

It is very usual for any website to keep its page-ranking altering from time to time. Rather, if the page-ranking of a website does not alter, then there might be some hint of fault with it. Hence you need not panic to see it changing. You should curb the habit of checking the page-ranking very frequently.

Follow a trend of checking it after every two weeks or possible after a month i.e. after a stipulated time interval. This way, you can judge the uptrend or downtrend better. Otherwise, you can integrate your site with Google Analytics to get weekly report containing all the key features you are looking for.

If you see drastic ups and downs even after that, you need to employ black hat SEO and white hat SEO strategies to keep your website’s page-ranking a bit steadier.

(5) Why am I not perceiving better SEO results?

If you have set up your website of late and are expecting good SEO results instantly, then you are being too optimistic. Realistically, you need to become more patient in order to see good SEO results. Employ good content marketing strategy and wait for one or two months to perceive better SEO results.

Even after few months, if you are not being able to see any good result, you need to think of much better strategies to employ, and you need to invest much more money in web marketing to tell indirectly. You need to refine your strategies through your series of experience including trials and errors.

Quality content, staffing and customer care, quality links and troubleshooting are the key factors you need to take into account to improve your website’s overall SEO results.

Content being a vital element of SEO can either make or break your website. In order to stay ahead in the competition, you need to focus on content from start to end. Creating content is just not enough unless you are producing right content for your consumers.

Working strategically not only streamlines the process of content curation, creation and distribution but also ensures growth to the business. If you are not an expert in this area then you must be concerned about content creation. Hiring a freelance content writer can be a good option in that case. But, where to look for a suitable writer? Contentmart is a one-stop destination for all your content worries.

(6) Why is the number of my website visitors so volatile?

This point basically a sister concern of point number four which we have already discussed. However, some specific trade has its usual peak season like: business of ceiling fans during summer.

If your website is completely for niche visitors who want to purchase ceiling fans, then during winter you just need to close your eyes without expecting any return of investment! This is not your website’s fault.

(7) Why is my website running at snail’s pace?

Apart from analytics issue, if your website takes ages to upload then it is very unlikely that your visitors would have much patience to wait for it. And this will have a direct impact on your site’s page ranking and other performance. You need to keep your site as lightweight as possible without flash plugins or HD images which may cause slowdown while loading the site.

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