Biggest changes and expectations from Apple in this Year

The giant tech company which is well known for its interactive products specially the i Phones and the Mac-Book is going to bring new changes and brand new products in the upcoming year. Apple will have to bring new changes and products any how to continue its fame, revenue and specially legacy of the company, So you should know about Biggest changes and expectations from Apple.

Biggest changes and expectations from Apple:

We have passed from the time were Apple was releasing small i Phones such as iPhone 5s in the year 2013 and in the era where the large screened Android Smartphone were catching the eye and heart of everybody. Even small Chinese companies were releasing 4 to 5 inched touch screen Phones while the i Phones were smaller at that time.Biggest changes and expectations from Apple

Just after the iPhone5s, Apple took great decision of stopping producing small iPhones, so in 2014 Apple released large screened, slim and new iPhone 6 and 6 plus which was a game changer for Apple.

Just because of great change in iPhone 6 Plus, the company in hit the market greatly, as iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were sold in a huge quantity and Apple became the “Most valuable company of America” and the “Most profitable company of the world” in 2014.

In 2015 Apple released bigger iPhones than before, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but the luck didn’t work this time as the Phones didn’t get fame. The 6s and 6 s Plus didn’t bring changes in design and they looked so close to their predecessor iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Apple will have to bring entirely new changes in 2018 as it is the 10th anniversary of iPhone series in coming year. Not only iPhones every product of Apple such as iPad and Apple watch etc should have to change.

Rumors and expectations are that “Apple is going to bring and release big changes in the year 2018”

We are always seeing great rumors before the launch of each iPhones, but the result was and is always out of the rumors. But this time in 2018 where the bunch of latest devices are attracting the eye of peoples, Apple can’t remain innovative with the “i” products which are continuing for years with no big changes.

Software’s and services 

There are expectations for new Software’s or services from apple and changes in previous software’s and services.

Rumors about iPhone

It is rumored that the next phone from apple iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 will come up with wireless charging technology; in upcoming iPhone Apple might remove the “Home Button” which is the part of every iPhone from first to the current iPhone7 and 7Plus.

In 2018 Apple may release 3 phones one with an OLED screen which will make iPhone thinner than before.

We may see Smart Glasses from Apple

Reports reviled that Apple is working on wearable Smart Glasses which will work along the iPhone. Apple’s Smart Glasses will work like Google’s Google Glasses or maybe will have different features.

Will we see VR and AR from Apple?

There is not exact year or confirmation from Apple about VR or AR except Apple’s Smart Glasses, but Apple is attentive on the Oculus of Samsung and Facebook

Expectations About iPad

iPads aren’t getting sold much for several years. Apple finally had to change Steve Jobs legacy by adding Stylus and Keyboard to the new iPad Pro. Apple has to bring new changes in iPad in order to make it famous. So there are big expectations from iPad.

Smart Home from Apple

Just like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, We may see a smart home device from Apple which will work through Siri with our voice commands and may have camera in it to detect each user.

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