Best Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life

Everybody having a Smartphone always wish to have their Phone’s battery remain charge for full day. Users of smart phones doesn’t think about what app will be built-in in their Phones or what type of hardware is going to be in their upcoming Phones. These decisions are second or third requirements while the first and ever thing every smartphone’s users dream for their new phone is a phone with strong and large battery life that lasts for a complete day even they burden their phone with Games, Movies and mostly surfing internet and using Phone heavily, So you should know the Best Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life.

Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life:

People who charges their Phone two to three times a day usually have risk for their battery and this action can may decrease battery’s life.Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life

If you are among of these needy Smartphone’s user you should take a look toward the best battery timing Phones which are listed below.

Motorola Moto Z Play

First ever thing I would like to tell you about this phone are that it is the cheapest and “Normal Ranged” phone of the Motorola’s Moto Z Series. It has a looooong battery life out of your expectations. During test Motorola Moto Z Play lasted for about 23 hours and 3 minutes. Moto Z Play is the must have phone for those who wants a phone big great battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Family Phones

The Samsung galaxy S7 Active, S7 Edge and S7 all are three longs lasting smart phones after the Moto Z Play. During test Samsung Galaxy S7 lasted for 21 hours, S7 Edge for 19 and S7 Lasted for 16 hours.Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life

OnePlus 3T

It has an affordable price and it is the successor of the OnePlus 3. It has a great front camera and Snapdragon 821 processor. As we are here for finding best battery timing smart phones so its big battery lasts for about 16 hours. The better thing after the battery timing is that it charges such quickly with having its companies Dash charging technology.Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life

LeEco LePro 3

In test LeCo LePro 3 passed with 16.5 hours battery timing. It has 4,070 mAh of battery. While it has a weird UI and it weighs a lot in the hand and pocket.Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life

Huawei Mate 8

With a large 6 inch display and complete metal body with capability of unlocking through your fingerprint, The Huawei Mate 8 has 4,000 mAh of battery. During test it ran 15.5 hours while playing a video. With powerful hardware it costs 650$.Smart Mobile Phones with Great Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy J3

You might be wondering that the J3 came on the 6th best battery timing Phone, You are not alone because it is a cheap and not a big competitive Phone as compared to S7 and Note Series of Samsung. This loyal phone costs just 200$. It has removable battery that lasts amazingly for 15 hours and 40 minutes and that’s great.

So these are the latest Smartphones with long lasting battery life while most of them are affordable. I hope you are going to buy each one of them if you are in a need for a latest phone with great battery life which can work for you for longer hours.

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