Best Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan – Who’s the Winner

After launching 3G & 4G license in 2014, People were talking about the winner within telecom companies by the speed and quality of 4G network, So today we know the about the winner. Many local and multi-national companies are offering 3G/4G data services in Pakistan, But a Chinese company “Zong” has won being offered the best data speed, quality and coverage, So you should know the Best Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan.Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan

Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan:

Actually, I personally have used data services from Warid, Telenor, Ufone and Mobilink, Where I experienced that these telecom companies are struggling to survive, as they have no more resources to establish a broad range network in all over Pakistan.
After talking about call or sms quality, we’ll discuss about the Best Wireless Data Services in Pakistan.

2G Network Quality & Speed:

Pakistan me 2G license holders me Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Warid or Zong shamil hain. 2G network companies ki call quality or data speed k survey k bad PTCL ne jo report di hai wo yahan share ki ja rahi hai.

Call Completion Ratio:Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan

Call completion ratio wo service hoti hai, Jis k mutabiq kisi telecom company k connection k through call karny k bad user A ki call user B se without kisi disturbance k complete ho jae.
In other words me call completion ratio call drops k mutaliq information provide karti hai, PTCL k survey k mutabiq call completion me sub se better service Zong ki hai.

SMS Success Rate:Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan

Sms success rate k matlab hai k kis telecom company k sms end to end successfully deliver hoty han or PTCL k 2G network k survey k mutabiq Zong ka sms success rate sub se zyada hai.

3G License Holders:

There are many telecom companies offering their services in Pakistan, But Mobilink, Zong, Telenor and Ufone are 3G license holders in Pakistan.


Who’s the Winner:

As per the survey of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Zong is the Winner in data speed as well as call connection quality, because there is no other telecom company, which has good quality of call connection or in data speed.
Mostly 3G mobile operators like; Ufone, Telenor waghera ki data speed 2mbps se kam hai, Jab k Mobilink ki average 3G speed 5mbps hai, Lekin wahan bhi sub se zyada 3G average data speed 7.7mbps Zong ki hai.
PTA k above mentioned results Rawalpindi, Islamabad or Peshawar me call quality or 2G, 3G average data speed k survey k bad diye gae han, Jab k other cities me abhi survey ho raha hai. Isi tarha abi tak 4G service ka koi survey nai ho saka.

3G User Data Speed:

PTA k survey k mutabiq 3G operators me sub se zyada user data throughput Zong ka hai, Us k bad Mobilink or phir Telenor or Ufone etc.Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan

Signal Strength:

PTA k survey k mutabiq 3G operators me sub se zyada signal strength Zong ki hai, Jis ki waja ye hai k Zong ne zyada frequency spectrum ko use karty howe almost har area ko cover kia howa hai.Mobile Data Speed Quality and Coverage in Pakistan

Now You can check some data devices, Provided by different telecom companies to get the best data speed.

PTCL 3G Data Devices:

PTCL is offering high speed 3G wireless internet for desktop users over 250 cities in Pakistan, Where it has different types of wireless devices such as;

Evo 3.1 / 3G Nitro Cloud:

PTCL says as; “EVO Wireless Broadband—Something for Everyone!”
It has different packages with bandwidth, Where you’ll get 1MBPS regular speed with maximum 2MBPS.

3G EVO Wingle 9.3:

It was the first 3G wingle, Which through you can connect multiple devices for 9.3 MBPS, But it offers 2MBPS regular spees with maximum 3MBPS.

CharJi EVO:

PTCL names it 4G evo, But it has not 4G license, that’s why they’ve to change its name as; Chargi Evo
Chargi USB has good speed in wifi devices, Where you don’t need to wait to watch or upload videos, But you must have an advance data package to watch movies online.
PTCL Users may face signal & some other technical problems, As PTCL has a lazy technical & support team.

Zong 4G Data Devices:

You can check Zong 4G data devices for both mobile and desktop users, Given bellow;

Zong 4G MBB Wifi (Fiber Home):

You can check Zong 4G MBB Wifi Features here;

Dimensions 93mm*59mm*13.9mm
Weight 82g
Battery 2100mAh
Speed Up to 150 Mbps
Antenna Internal Antenna
Multiple Connectivity 10 devices can connect at a time

Cost of Zong Devices:

Super 3G Mifi @ 1500 PKR
Internet Sim @ 100 PKR
4G Mobile Wifi @ 3000 PKR
4G Wingle @ 2000 PKR

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