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Tim Salivan is an IT and Marketing specialist currently working for 3D Studio in Athens, Greece. He likes writing about technology and reviewing new apps and software. His latest venture is a local coupon site, Spiqy.com where he posts articles and deals for online retailers.

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Smart Sensors Let Drivers Know When Tire Treads Are Wearing Thin

Smart Sensors

As we know, tire threads provide the traction needed to keep our vehicles stable on the ground. Unfortunately, these threads wear out over time and require prompt replacement to avoid accidents. During inclement weather like ice, snow, mud or rain, driving a vehicle with worn out tires can be extremely dangerous. Thin threads are associated with slow blowouts, decreased air ... Read More »

How To Use Facebook And LinkedIn For Job Hunting

Job Hunting

Social networking sites are not just for fun interactions with family and friends; they do offer a lot more than that. However, it is only few people that have truly realized other personal and professional benefits of using these platforms which unfolds on daily basis. Yes, a social networking site is a golden nugget in job hunting and my two ... Read More »

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