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Bye, Bye Windows: Change to Linux Made Easy

good bye windows and start with lunux

Do not feel like Windows anymore? Then work with Ubuntu! The new c’t special “Switch to Linux”, which is available today at the kiosk, shows how to switch easily from one system to the other without a hitch. Hand on the heart: Have not you ever played with the idea to try Linux at least? Away from the whole virus, ... Read More »

What’s New in Windows 10 That developers Cannot Yet Give in Apps

With Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft announced several important new features including new types of compatible devices , new tools for porting apps from other formats, and deeper integration with the system and other apps. Although the update has been available for months , several new features seem not yet to have taken hold. Unlike what you might think, however, ... Read More »

Free Upgrade to Windows 10 available on Small Detours

How to Upgrade from Microsoft windows 7, 8 to windows 10 home or professional version anytime

Actually, the offer should end on July 29th. However, apparently, only the GWX advertising program came to an end. The upgrade is available on request, but still free, and quite officially from Microsoft. In the first year after the release, Microsoft offered the upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge to all Windows 7 and 8.1 Home and Pro editions. ... Read More »

New Kissinger Device Released to Kiss Long Distance Relationship

Kiss Your Family and friends with long distance

The distance relationships are difficult and not only because the love of your life is on the other side of the world and you can not share a daily routine, but because you say permanent goodbye to physical (intimate) contact with another person, or at least so it should be. The University of London, in its immense wisdom and inexhaustible ... Read More »

Top 10 Latest Insurtech Trends in 2017

Top 10 Insurtech Trends for 2017

The beginning of a new year 2017 is a perfect time to predict the major trends for the next twelve months, including the development of insurtech. Most lists focus on the latest technologies and applications, but usually they are hardly broken after a year. We address it differently, better. The beginning of the new year is the perfect month for ... Read More »

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